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The Best Hamburger Restaurants in Oceanside


I”m no longer a big beef eater, but I always love a great hamburger. Generally, when I feel the need for beef between buns, I like to go to a Sports DSCF0983Bar but there are exceptions.  Oceanside at the beach has lots of great spots.

Ruby’s at the Pier    10% off food with Oceanside Bonus Card

You have to give it to them because it is their calling card. I always have a chocolate shake with it and try to split the shake with someone because it seems the meal is more filling Thanksgiving.  You can also sit at the window and look at the ocean. Also a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu with great service. Its a tourist favorite.

1 Oceanside Pier    760-433-7829

Burger House

Its in their name and their meat is high quality. A local spot in downtown that has counter ordering and indoor/outdoor seating.

515 Mission Ave 1 blk N of Coast Highway  760-757-5890

Rockn Baja Sports Bar and Grille   15% off with the Oceanside Bonus Card

It’s a serious half pounder and fries that make you weep and feel like the cat that ate the canary. And your probably having a craft beer or margarita while looking at the Harbor. They have Mexican and Sea food, but the hamburger says Sports Bar.

258 S Harbor Drive in Cape Cod Harbor Village   760-967-6199

Tony’s Sports Bar and Grille

How about a half pound Angus cheese burger with optional bacon, avocado or an egg. Now we’re getting decadent. And of course with 200 beers to choose from, you’re in heaven.  For me its even better when I am watching a great sports event on one of the 7 TVs.  This is what a Saturday or Sunday afternoon is all about.

274 S Harbor Dr    760-433-8466

Monterey Bay Canners

They don’t want to be in second place so they feature a half pound fresh ground sirloin burger with avocado, bacon, and cheddar cheese on a potato bun. Take your heart meds. You can have it in the Sports Bar surrounded by windows for Harbor viewing and TVs for sports viewing. Full seafood, pasta, and salad menu if your partner want to go lighter.

1325 N Harbor Dr     760-722-3474

Jolly Roger

The ultimate Junior’s half pound burger and I don’t know what’s junior about it. You also have the opportunity to add 9 optional toppings in case you feel the need for speed. A full menu served all day with salads, Mexican, sea food, and, pastas.

1900 N Harbor Dr    760-722-1831

Beach Break at the Harbor   10% off with the Oceanside Bonus Card

Known for quality food from breakfast through lunch they have 6 hamburger choices and any one of them could be turkey or veggie. Maybe not the truck driver hamburger, but it is high quality and mates can have breakfast or salads from 7 a.m. until the 2 p.m. closing.

280 S Harbor Dr    760-754-1881

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The Oceanside Harbor is full of opportunities for Water Sports, Fishing, Sports Bars, Beer Tasting,  Sea Food, Mexican, Coffee, and Desserts. See where to eat and what to do at Oceanside Harbor Restaurants

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