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Exciting Family Days in Oceanside


Being at the beach is exciting for everyone from young toddlers to grand parents. Everyone feels something special and connects in their own way to the environment of crashing waves, distant horizon, sand, and sunsets. RubysShore3

The kids can play in the sand and water all day without adult interference. They never get tired of making sand castles, chasing sea gulls, and getting wet.  From ages 6 and up, they like more structured activities like boogie boarding, riding the all family surreys up and down the strand or surf lessons.

You can rent wet suits, boogie boards, bikes, and get surf lessons.

Adults like the strand cruisers and can ride the strand and then over to the Harbor only a mile away. If you want more exercise you can go all around the Harbor and back to the Pier for about a 4 mile ride or even get on the San Luis Rey bike trail at the Harbor and go out 9 miles.

Adults mix a little paddle boarding in their day with a safe calm atmosphere in the Harbor or take the kids in a kayak or pedal boat.  There are also motor and sail boats for rent.

Anyone like to fish? Rent gear and get bait on the Pier and no license required. If you have your own gear and a license, you can fish off the beach, the jetties, or get on the Sports Fishing Boat for a half or full day.

Walking, running, and beach exercise classes are all available. Gives you more room to eat foods not on the diet for you are on vacation.  You can even hit the movies at Regal Plaza which has 16 show times and the best hits.  See the world renowned California Surf Museum on Pier View

Everyone likes breakfast and you can make an adventure out of it by walking to the Harbor and visiting Beach Break at the Harbor with out door patio and view of everything going on.  Afterward you can do some souvenir shopping, walk to the beach, or take out a water craft.

In town, try breakfast at the Breakfast Club Diner, Petite Madeline’s Bakery, or Long Boarder Cafe.  If you want to make another adventure of it, walk to the end of the Pier and eat at Ruby’s with all windows and patio dining.  1,000 feet out in the ocean you’ll see lots of boats and get a great shore view of Oceanside.

On the Strand under the Pier, the Tin Fish Restaurant serves breakfast burritos, coffee and fruit starting at 8 a.m. in case you need something before your exercise.

Lunch is great and a lot of families want Mexican food. In town, you can eat at Anita’s on Coast Highway with good parking and a full bar if you want an early margarita. On Mission is Johnny Mananas with an outdoor patio. On Pier View is Colima’s with a large indoor dining room and huge portions.  Grab a quick bite at counter style serving in the Regal Theater Plaza at Roberto’s Tacos.

In the Harbor, everyone has a Harbor View and you can have lunch or dinner at Rockn Baja for Mexican and seafood. They are a sports bar and have a big outdoor covered heated patio. Dominic and D’Vino next door specializes in pizza but everything is gourmet including salads, pastas, and wines.

All the shell fish, fish, and fish pastas are good upstairs at Lighthouse Oyster Bar and Grille. Joe’s Crab Shack has a second floor Harbor view with big windows and outside patio and great for buckets of shrimp, crab, and other seafood combinations.

On the other side of Cape Cod Village is Monterey Bay Canners which has two outdoor patios, and indoor sports bar with surrounding windows, and big dining room.  Every kind of sea food is available as well as salads, hamburgers, and steaks.

Dinner can also be enjoyed a little more expensively at 333 Pacific which specializes in sushi, sea food, pastas, and steaks.  All kinds of appetizers with shell and fish rolls,  tempura, and calamari.  Harney Sushi is a more adult atmosphere with a sushi bar and big dimly lighted dining area serving beer and wine and of course saki.

Have to have ice cream so you might visit Dairy Queen on Mission at railroad tracks with every imaginable concoction.  Cold Stone Creamery is in Regal Theater Plaza and Red Cup Yogurt where you make your own is across from Dairy Queen on Cleveland.  In the Harbor Cape Cod Village, Nana and Pops has ice cream, sundaes, and candy. (follow the trail backwards from everyone eating ice cream)

Well hope that was a fun day and that no one has a stomach ache.

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